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Christmas with Cat: Giveaway! Fuzz free for the festive season!
Posted by [Nov 29, 2012]
‘It’s the most wonderful time, of the year…’ – that is, until you have to think about hair removal and keeping yourself smooth throughout the party season!
Sabi make natural hair removal cream and ‘hair delayer’ cream and I’ve been trying them out over the past few weeks.
The hair removal cream is fabulous, it not only removes the hair really well, leaving you with a super-duper smooth finish, it also reduces the appearance of hair re-growth which is something I really noticed when using the cream on my legs. This ultimately means you get longer lasting results :)
The natural hair growth delayer cream helps to keep hair at bay for longer and with continued use, can make re-growth finer and more sparse. This can give you up to 21 days before you start to see re-growth and I think it’s absolutely incredible, I’ve definitely noticed a difference since I’ve been using it. You use this on a daily basis after using the hair removal cream.

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Why Sabi

About Sabi

The Sabi hair removal and hair growth delayer cream contain natural ingredients, possess increased efficacy and have the ability to minimize the appearance of hair-growth; keeping unwanted hair away for longer periods of time.

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Sabi Hair Removal CreamHair Removal Cream

Sabi hair removal cream does not just work on removing the hair from the surface of the skin, but goes even further by reducing the appearance of hair re-growth and softening the hair so stubble is less noticeable. This mechanism of action provides you with longer lasting results and helps keep the skin smoother for longer.

Sabi hair removal cream is all it takes to remove unwanted hair from all body parts. Our unique, one fits all formula is balanced with natural ingredients leaving your body smoother for longer. Unwanted hair takes up to 7 days to grow back but when combined with Sabi delayer cream, 21 days between application has been observed*. The Sabi cream works by dissolving unwanted hair rather than cutting (shaving) so unpleasant rashes and unwanted stubble on re-growth are limited. Simply apply our moisturising formula onto your skin, wait 5–7 minutes, And remove the cream and hair with ease.

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Sabi Advantages

With SABI we finally have a complete natural formulation that lets you achieve long-term,Professional quality hair removal results within the comfort of your own home. No longer do you need the inconvenience and high cost of expensive, time consuming, and often painful professional treatments.

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